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Prairie Fire, A Canadian Magazine of New Writing

If you were to go to your favourite bookstore* or library today, pick up the latest issue of Prairie Fire, and open it to page thirty, you'd find a story of mine I'd very much like to share with you. It's called "The High Alpinist's Survival Guide," and it tells the story of a young man who's climbing Mount Everest. Okay, it does a bit more than that, but I'd rather you read the story than have me tell you too much about it. Here's an excerpt (the I here is Brian, the you is his father):

Phurba slides on his outer hood.

I point out he's known you for twenty years. Together, you've attempted every eight-thousand metre peak in the Himalaya.

He indicates the collapsible sled jutting from my pack. "You lie, Brian Turner."

I lift the pot lid. Chunks of unmelted snow iceberg the surface. You always preached against powdered food, arguing if it doesn't taste good at home, it'll taste like shit on the mountain. I'd told Phurba I was summiting Everest because you never did. Now, I tell him the truth.

* This is assuming your favourite bookstore sells Canadian literary journals. If it doesn't, may I suggest you find one which does? Odds are it'll have lots of other new books for you, too, which should be fun.

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