News | 2013 | Southbank Application Deadline Extended

Simon Fraser University's part-time Southbank Writer's Program has extended their application deadline to Friday, May 17th. For more information, check out

Here are some of the courses and electives they're offering in the program, as well as a list of instructors and mentors (which includes me, by the way).

The Courses

  • The Writer's Craft
  • Dialogue is Not Conversation: Using the Spoken Word Effectively in Fiction
  • Ethics and Legal Issues for Writers
  • Noting Up: Legal Issues for Your Writing Practice
  • Form and The Essay
  • Writing Speculative Fiction in a Changing World
  • How To Write a Mystery Thriller
  • Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
  • Developing Your Manuscript
  • Preparing to Read
  • Panel on the Future of Publishing
  • Studio Saturdays
  • Manuscript Consults
  • Creating Unique Characters: The Backbone of Story
  • Memoir Writing
  • Why Poetry?
  • YA Fiction Writing
  • Writing Fiction
  • Sounds Like, Looks Like, and Feels Like Poetry

The Instructors

Alison Acheson
Carol Tulpar
Carrie Mac
Caroline Adderson
Claudia Cornwall
Claire de Boer
Eileen Kernaghan
Heidi Greco
J.J. Lee
Jami Macarty
Jane Silcott
Joanne Arnott
John Mavin
Lois Peterson
Michael Slade
Michael Turner
Renee Rodin
Renée Saklikar
Wayde Compton

The Mentors

Claire de Boer
Carol Tulpar
Joan Flood
Renée Saklikar

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