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Pilot Pocket Book 9

If you find yourself in Toronto on Sunday, April 22, I invite you to come to the Victory Café at 581 Markham Street around 5:30 p.m. for the launch party of Pilot Pocket Book 9. There will be an art show. There will be readings. And judging from the contents of the book I just got in the mail, I think you can be guaranteed of seeing and hearing some really cool and thought-provoking stuff.

My story, "Waiting for the Defibrillator to Charge," is included in the issue, and I feel it only fair to warn you this story is not about doctors in an emergency room--it's about a teenage homecoming in a strip club. I guess I should also include an adult content warning for the piece because apart from the F-bombs and other profanities I drop, Pilot Pocket Book 9 is an illustrated literary journal, so there are naked pictures in there. Tyler Bright Hilton did the artwork for ""Waiting for the Defibrillator to Charge," and I think he catches the exact juxtaposition of foam dart guns and nudity I was going for. Besides going to the launch party and picking up a copy of the journal, I highly recommend checking out Tyler's work on his website. He's got some really cool and thought-provoking stuff there.

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