News | 2012 | I Bought Some New Books Last Night

Last night at Heritage Hall in Vancouver, I went to an awesomely-cool triple book launch for Annabel Lyon's The Sweet Girl, Linda Svendsen's Sussex Drive, and Rhea Tregebov's All Souls'. There was wine to drink, snacks to nibble on, friends to greet, books to buy, and each of the authors read from their latest work, giving everyone something good to listen to.

The Sweet Girl by Annabel Lyon
Sussex Drive by Linda Svendson
All Souls' by Rhea Tregebov

The last time I went to one of Rhea's book launches, the end result was a little family disharmony (see Who Gets To Go First? from June, 2010). However, this time, Rhea did her best to avoid a repeat--she signed my book with a very sincere wishing you no discord over this one!--which is great, coupled with the fact that she only addressed it to me (thanks, Rhea, you're the best). However, Linda signed her book to both my wife and I, so I'm afraid the family arguments are about to start all over again.

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