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After neglecting this blog for over a month, I'm back without apology to tell you what I've been up to lately. Two things really. This first is this:

My finished thesis.

Yup, that's a photo of my finished thesis just before I handed it in. The Faculty of Graduate Studies accepted it a few hours later, so it looks like I'll be graduating from UBC next month with an MFA in Creative Writing. Yay!

The second thing I'm doing is really a time-bane, but again, I'm unapologetic: I've been writing a video game for my kids. Essentially, with the time I now have, I finally got off my butt, networked the computers in our house, bought some extra copies of Neverwinter Nights (that's NWN1 not NWN2), and have been busy and happily coding my old Dungeons & Dragons world so we can all play there together. I've found a lot of my software development skills have come back, and not only am I getting to see the world that's been in my head since I was a teen, I'm also rewriting how the game itself functions (with some of the most efficient, dynamic code I've ever written). It's been a challenge (my head gets in knots sometimes), but also quite the rush. Anyway, gotta go--I've been learning 3-D modelling lately and there's some new weapons I want to put into the game.

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