News | 2010 | Taking a Break, Part II

Another break from writing today--this time not so quick. I went over town to check out the free pavilions and to find out where the flame I saw the other day ended up. On Granville Street, I found heaps of art installations, and, after a little hike down to Canada Place, I found the Olympic cauldron with the flame burning brightly. For having so many people in the city, it didn't feel that crowded. Everyone seemed well-behaved, happy, and were doing that most Canadian of public formations--the line up.

Art on Granville Street The Olympic Cauldron
Art on Granville Street (left) and the Olympic Cauldron (right).

The biggest surprise of the day? Christ Church Cathedral. I've never been in before, and with heaps and heaps of people in the city, it was easy to play tourist. Seeing as the Cathedral has nothing to do with the Olympics, it was a bit of a respite from the queues. A very nice gentleman gave a very interesting and informative tour of a building he was obviously very proud of. The old cedar and the open design inside makes this building worth the trip. Also, the Cathedral recently commissioned an artist to create a sculpture out of the old organ stops (they've put in a new one) and the result is very cool.

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