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The way I see it, the odds of me living in an Olympic host city again probably aren't too high, so I wanted to get over town and be a part of the celebrations. Yesterday, my son and I gave the lines another chance, and I'm glad we did. Except for a few disappointments (the line for Russia House was too long and the Ontario Pavilion ran out of pins), we had a pretty good day.

Yes, we had to wait, but honestly, the wait times were pretty reasonable. We started off at the Mint to get the latest coin celebrating women's hockey, then headed over to Concord Place to check out some of the provincial pavilions. Saskatchewan's rocked (they gave us pins as we went in which gave us a focus for the rest of the day--collecting). We stopped for a bite to eat and then watched the Canadian women beat the Swiss at curling. While in the area, we went through the Right to Play pavilion, checked out the l41 home (running into the architect along the way), and also the Ontario pavilion to play synched Blackberry games (and get more to eat). Other highlights included: answering questions to get our Manitoba pins (we had to recite facts about the province--luckily, one of our favourite bands--the Dust Rhinos--are from Winnipeg, so we had something to talk about); virtual snowboarding at the Canada pavilion (we had the highest scores of anyone else we saw and practically tied at the end); watching my son be a curling rock in an impromptu street-theatre performance; going back to the Mint and actually getting inside; finding big screens all over the place to watch the games (wish we'd seen them the other day); and still making it home on time to watch the Canada/US women's hockey final.

Canadian pavilion pins
Canadian pavilion pins.

All in all, a very good day, even if my son ended up with three more pins than I did (nobody said we weren't competitive).

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