News | 2009 | You Did What in Class?

This year, I've been helping out the fabulous Ray Hsu as a TA in his Introduction to Creative Writing class. Ray has been really encouraging and wanted to give the students a taste of writing from many genres (including the off-beat ones) in a way that was both entertaining and myth-busting.

One of the opportunities he gave me was to teach two full classes on writing for video games. In keeping with his fun spirit and inspiring teaching style, I decided to offer a contest in writing a video game script in which the winner not only gets a prize, but would also get to play their winning game in class. Well, we had our contest, I coded the winner, and on Wednesday, we played Derek Walter's Cascadia, a very near-future military scenario, in which the player attempts to steal intelligence from an enemy installation.

While we projected the game so all 108 students could see at the same time, Ray videotaped the game (as well as me showing parts of the toolset I used to code the game). He then remixed it, slapped a soundtrack on it, and posted it to YouTube. You can see his efforts below. For the most part, the class was a resounding success. Derek, congratulations on a well-written game scenario.

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