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The way my wife and I've been figuring it lately, years ending in 9 suck. Ten years ago in 1999, we had a few family members die, other happenings weren't all that fun, and to salvage our sanity, we moved to the other side of the planet. This year has been another one to forget, a year we'd really like to put behind us. To cut a long story absurdly and rudely short, I'll just say it's good to be back in Vancouver after a truly shitty summer and a two-month stint in Ontario, where I was doing a bunch of things I didn't really want to do, have been dreading for some time, but knew had to be done. Now that it's over, it's time to focus on the positive, and let the negative slip away.

The Prairie Journal

However, while I've been gone, a few good things have happened. I've met some truly wonderful people who've been a great help to me. On the writing front, four of my poems have been accepted for an anthology of hockey poetry from Gumboot Books (I'll let you know more details as I get them). I've had the opportunity to interview some very generous and interesting people who've helped me immensely with the project I'm working on--enough so that I've taken a different tack with their insights. The last thing I'll say is that I've also had a play published. "Losing Ground," which first debuted at the 2008 Walking Fish Festival in Vancouver, appears in the current issue of The Prairie Journal. I'm rather pleased about the play, and if you happen to see a copy of The Prairie Journal sitting forlorn on a book store shelf somewhere, please, give it a home.

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