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Today, as part of SFU's The Writer's Studio's day of professional development workshops for writers, I'll be leading a session on Setting Up Your Website, and we'll be covering such topics as why writers need a web presence, how to build a web presence, how to market yourself in today's wired world, and how to win an audience. Unfortunately, we only have forty-five minutes--not nearly enough time for an in-depth exploration of the intricacies of building websites, but more than enough to highlight why writers need websites (and to decide what they want those websites to do).

Setting Up Your Website

If you click on the image of the document next to this paragraph, you'll be able to download the handout I've prepared for the session (it's an Adobe PDF file, 137 KB). Even if you don't have time to attend the session, feel free to download the document. It contains high-level information on what writers should consider when they begin to build their web presence.

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