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Tesseracts Eleven

Okay, almost a month and a half between posts. Not cool. Not cool at all. I could tell you I've been busy with that thesis thing, but hey, I've said it before and I think that excuse is wearing a little thin. Maybe even threadbare.

Unfortunately, there isn't much new going on right now that I can share, but I did discover one thing I would like to talk about: I'm being taught. Well, not me, personally--I mean my work. Michael Johnstone, who teaches English at the University of Toronto, has included a story of mine--"Recursion" (which appeared in Tesseracts Eleven (EDGE, 2007))--on the syllabus for his second-year Science Fiction course (ENG237H1S: Science Fiction). According to the course website, the course "will explore how works of science fiction respond to, participate in, and critique their times by speculating about the potential effects of science upon society." Knowing what "Recursion" is about, I'd love to have heard some of the class discussion.

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