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DTES Wrtier's Jamboree

Yesterday wrapped up this year's Downtown Eastside Writers' Jamboree at the Carnegie Centre. When I asked a roomful of people if this year's event was a success, the answer was a shouted, exuberant yes. In short, it rocked. People had fun, people learned stuff, people met people, and people shared (which I think was pretty much the goal of the event in the first place).

I had a great time too. I sat in on a few excellent round table sessions, got reacquainted with some very interesting and generous people, met some more interesting and generous people, got drenched in the rain (which really wasn't that bad), had a fun dinner at this bustling Cambodian place downtown, and heard some readings which were totally cool, funny, thought-provoking, and excellent.

I said it last night during the readings and I'd like to say it again here--a big public thanks to Shana Myara and Beth Davis for all their hard work in putting on this year's Jamboree. You guys did a fantastic job. Thanks also to all the round table coordinators and panellists, the consulting writers and editors, and of course, to everyone who participated and made this event happen. Congratulations to Antonette, Albert, and Tavis, the winners of The Neighbourhood Writing Contest. And of course, Brava and Bravo to Beth, Antonette, Anne, Fran, James, Henry, Rosanne, Lora, Muriel, Patrick, and Tavis for giving such brave, inspired, and intimate readings.

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