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Yeah. The DTES Writers' Jamboree was, well, wow. Cool. Incredible. Sharing. Open. Interesting. Informative. Eye-opening. Awesome. Worthwhile. Great. Take your pick, each superlative applies. From the one-on-one blue pencil cafes to the round table discussions to the readings, I believe the event was a hit.

For the round table I hosted on Getting Yourself Out There (as a Writer), Fiona Scott, Melissa Edwards (3-Day Novel Contest), and Evelyn Lau were all giving and knowledgeable, and utterly fantastic. Thank you so very much. Really, our only problem was time--we needed many more minutes that we didn't have as the conversation was a lively one and we simply couldn't get to everyone's questions. Next time, perhaps?

And last night's reading--yeah, again, wow. Last night I heard some of the best readers I've ever heard--the confidence displayed, the risks taken, the sheer entertainment and thoughtful words were incredible. We put on an all-volunteer bill and twenty-one writers stepped up and shared their work to a packed gallery. There was applause, there was support, there were terrific readings and some very brave writers sharing their work for the first time. So, to everyone who participated last night--bravo and brava--you guys rocked!

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