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Um, yeah, it's been a while since I blogged. I noticed that too. What's been going on lately? A few things. Firstly, I'm working on my thesis. It's going okay, but seeing as I never discuss works-in-progress with anyone until I've at least got a complete draft done, I won't be sharing that for a while. Like for a couple of months. At least. And even then, probably not in print.

However, I do have news on another front which I will talk about. Last year, I took the Instructional Skills Workshop put on at the University of British Columbia's Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (locally referred to as TAG). The course was great, I learned a lot, and it really changed the way I thought about and approached teaching (I now believe whole-heartedly in the merits of participatory learning). Well, a little while ago, the very nice people at TAG called and asked if I'd like to submit my application to join the Centre, teaching instructional skills to other grad students. I was flattered and said yes. Well, the interviews are over and I'm happy to say I got the job--I'm now a facilitator with TAG.

In preparation for my new role, just a few hours ago I finished a week-long intensive course on developing my facilitator skills at BCIT. This course was great as well--it reinforced the lessons I learned in the original workshop and I got the opportunity to get comfortable facilitating the entire process for others. I met some wonderful people from all over the province, and even one person who came from Saskatchewan for the course. There was, however, one downside to the whole experience--the bus trip to BCIT from my house is a lot shorter than the trip to UBC--something I'm sure I'm going to whine about once classes start again in the fall.

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