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Last night at Rhizome Cafe, The Writer's Studio held their special reading series extravaganza. There was dance, there was poetry, there was music, there was comedy, and there was a staged reading. I'm told there were 84 people in the house and they were truly a fantastic audience. While I enjoyed all the performances, I really want to say a big and public Brava! to Erin Vandenberg and Bravo! to Chris Baker. They joined me on stage to read my one-act play, "Daguerreotype," and to be honest, they rocked. After the event, at least two people came up to me to say Erin's and Chris's performances were so evocative, they were fighting back tears. Yes, it's a sad play, but Erin and Chris nailed it. Thanks to both of you, and to everyone else at the TWS Reading Series (especially Jane Mellor, the event's host)--it was fun to come out and play with TWS again. Last night's performers were:

  • Ingrid Rose
  • Darcy McMurray
  • Garry Ward
  • Kagan Goh
  • Eufemia Fantetti

  • John Mavin
  • Erin Vandenberg
  • Chris Baker
  • Jacqueline VanHappen
  • Shannon Rayne

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