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Yeah, it happened. Again. I was in a meeting the other day, a suggestion was tabled, my hand went up, and now I find myself volunteered to do something a little daunting, a little exciting, and way cool. Putting myself in places a little beyond my comfort zone has usually been educational and rewarding in the past--here's hoping it will be again.

Okay, a little backstory to let you know what I'm blogging about: starting in January, I'm going to be a TA (one of three) for an Introduction to Creative Writing course at UBC. The prof teaching the course (the fantastically cool Ray Hsu) really wants to make the course accessible, inspiring, and fun. To this end, he wants to mix up the standard syllabus we'll be teaching to include some of the more off-beat genres. And when I said we, I meant we. Ray would like each of his TAs to teach at least one class (which is cool). The daunting and exciting part of this? One of the off-beat genres I found myself volunteering to teach was a class on writing video games. Okay, I've got a little experience in the field--like any self-respecting gaming geek, I've written games before, from hack-packs and self-contained adventures for Neverwinter Nights to mods and scenarios for the Civilization series--but I've never had to teach someone else how to do it. Let alone teach 100 someone elses. Until now. Honestly, it should be cool and I'm really looking forward to it.

There's also another neat idea Ray wants to try--including our writing in the course pack. He really wants to hit home with the students that writers are living people who can be found anywhere--not just long-dead mythical cultural icons. I've never even considered the notion of having my own writing being studied in class, but it sounds rather cool. Ego-gratifying of course, but still, I agree with Ray's intent of shattering the myths of being a writer. I'm starting to wish I could have taken this class as an undergrad. It sounds really cool.

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