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Abigail's War by Jennica Harper

Okay, I'll be honest, I've been a fan of Jennica Harper for a quite a while. Back when I was hosting the Blenz Reading Series, she was one of my featured readers. When we met, she'd brought along a copy of her first book of poetry, The Octopus and Other Poems (Signature Editions, 2006)--which precipitated a really awkward moment where I thanked her but had to tell her I'd already read the book and even owned a copy. I think that was the first time she'd met someone she didn't already know who'd read her book. For me, it was the first time I'd met someone who wrote (and read) amazingly cool poetry blending coming of age with someone wearing a Princess Leia costume. Really, check out her work--you won't be disappointed.

Anyway, Ms. Harper has been rather busy lately. Aside from her next book of poetry which is due almost any day now--What It Feels Like for a Girl (Anvil Press, 2008)--she's recently released issue one of her first comic, Abigail's War. Set in the Salem and New France of 1692, the story follows Abigail, a real teenage witch, as she looks for a new home, safe from persecution. Told with differing colour palettes to represent the story's multiple timelines, Abigail's War is a beautiful work lushly illustrated by Sandrine Replat. The only trouble here is that so far, only issue one has been made and Abigail's story isn't complete. What would be really cool is for issue two of Abigail's War to be completed so the story can continue. But for that to happen, people have to go to the sponsoring website,, and officially become fans. If enough people do, then subsequent issues get made and I get to read more of the story. So please, check out Abigail's War. Like I said about Harper's poetry, you won't be disappointed.

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