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Only sixty-nine published books read this year. I was hoping for seventy, but got bogged down in the book of plays I'm reading now. Not to say it's not good--there's just a lot of material in there. Books that made me go "wow" this year include Tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie and Diane Tullson's Saving Jasey. Williams's play is nothing short of brilliant and Tullson's YA novel is the tensest book I've ever read in any genre. Thank you to all the authors below for an entertaining and educational year.

Saving Jasey by Diane Tullson
The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams
  1. Adderson, Caroline, David Bezmozgis, and Dionne Brand (jury). The Journey Prize Stories 19.
  2. Albee, Edward. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
  3. Baker, Kevin. Paradise Alley.
  4. Burningham, John. Granpa.
  5. Carey, Peter. True History of the Kelly Gang.
  6. Carlson, Tim. Omniscience.
  7. Cave, Kathryn. Something Else.
  8. Coetzee, J.M. Age of Iron.
  9. Creech, Sharon. Hate That Cat.
  10. Creech, Sharon. Love That Dog.
  11. Findley, Timothy. Can You See Me Yet?
  12. Findley, Timothy. Elizabeth Rex.
  13. Friesen, Gayle. For Now.
  14. Friesen, Gayle. The Isabel Factor.
  15. Friesen, Gayle. Janey's Girl.
  16. Friesen, Gayle. Losing Forever.
  17. Friesen, Gayle. Men of Stone.
  18. Fugard, Athol. "Master Harold" ... and the Boys.
  19. Galloway, Steven. The Cellist of Sarajevo.
  20. Garneau, Michel. Warriors.
  21. Gatchalian, C.E. Motifs & Repetitions & Other Plays.
  22. Gray, John with Eric Peterson. Billy Bishop Goes to War.
  23. Harper, Jennica. What It Feels Like for a Girl.
  24. Herbert, John. Fortune and Men's Eyes.
  25. Heti, Sheila. The Middle Stories.
  26. Heti, Sheila. Ticknor.
  27. Hijuelos, Oscar. The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love.
  28. Highway, Tomson. The Rez Sisters.
  29. Hunter, Maureen. Atlantis.
  30. Hwang, David Henry. M. Butterfly.
  31. James, Henry. Daisy Miller.
  32. Joyce, James. The Dead.
  33. Kay, Guy Gavriel. Ysabel.
  34. Lau, Evelyn. Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid.
  35. Layton, Jack. Homelessness: The Making and Unmaking of a Crisis.
  36. Lepage, Robert and Marie Brassard. Polygraph.
  37. Levithan, David. The Realm of Possibility.
  38. Lill, Wendy. The Glace Bay Miners' Museum.
  39. MacLeod, Joan. Amigo's Blue Guitar.
  40. MacLeod, Joan. The Hope Slide / Little Sister.
  41. MacDonald, Ann-Marie. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet).
  42. MacDonald, Sherry. The Stone Face.
  43. Mamet, David. Sexual Perversity in Chicago and The Duck Variations.
  44. Mamet, David. Three Uses of the Knife: On the Nature and Purpose of Drama.
  45. Mamet, David. The Woods, Lakeboat, Edmond: Three Plays.
  46. Miller, Arthur. The Crucible.
  47. Mouawad, Wajdi. Scorched.
  48. Pollock, Sharon. Blood Relations and Other Plays.
  49. Pollock, Sharon. Fair Liberty's Call.
  50. Settle, Mary Lee. The Scapegoat.
  51. Shaffer, Peter. Equus.
  52. Shepard, Sam. Fool for Love.
  53. Shields, Carol. The Republic of Love.
  54. Stetson, Kent. The Harps of God.
  55. Stillman, Deanne. Girls in Suits at Lunch.
  56. Storey, Raymond. The Glorious 12th.
  57. Thien, Madeleine. Certainty.
  58. Tremblay, Michel. The Impromptu of Outremont.
  59. Trevor, William. Family Sins & Other Stories.
  60. Tullson, Diane. Blue Highway.
  61. Tullson, Diane. The Darwin Expedition.
  62. Tullson, Diane. Edge.
  63. Tullson, Diane. Red Sea.
  64. Tullson, Diane. Saving Jasey.
  65. Tullson, Diane. Zero.
  66. Walsh, Des. The Moon Shone Bright.
  67. Wilde, Oscar. The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  68. Williams, Tennessee. The Glass Menagerie.
  69. Wolfe, Tom. The Bonfire of the Vanities.

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