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Day Shift Werewolf by Jan Underwood

I've just finished reading Jan Underwood's Day Shift Werewolf, the winner of 2005's 3-Day Novel Contest. I've never read one of the three-day novels before, and, seeing as I sort of committed to a group of friends to enter the contest this year (it happens over Labour Day Weekend), I figured I'd better take a look at what I should be expecting myself to produce. While I never once forgot that the book was written in three days (although I know Underwood was given the opporunity to clean things up a bit before publication), I was impressed with how well her book tied together.

The book is a collection of interwoven short stories about the bottomfeeders of the monster world: a werewolf who hates human meat; a zombie who wants more out of unlife; a demon who abandons Hell to be a little girl's best friend; and an unravelling mummy who falls victim to an ebullient German Shepherd. Underwood ties each story to the others with fleeting references of the much larger world of Stevens' Ferry (the town where all stories are set). While not as polished as it could be, this book did keep me interested and turning the pages, and, in the end, what more could you want? Underwood has succeeded with the clock ticking. Not only has she written a good read, she did it in under three days. Brava!

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