News | 2007 | Pressing the Easy Button

I'm back in school--I had my frist class today, and I'm still smiling. The class went fine, my fellow students are friendly, and my prof was very relaxed. But boy, things have changed since I was last in school, I mean, today, the prof actually apologized for assigning us course books. Okay, seriously, I am in a creative writing program which isn't known for heavy course book requirements and today was just an introduction (although I do have reading homework), but it does feel good to actually start.

We did have one surprise today (our prof said that most of the good teaching experiences she's had have included a surprise--my class today was a Teaching Creative Writing class): a gentleman in a blue blazer and gold insignia dropped by to tell us the building we were in was out of water. No hot, no cold, not even a drop for flushing. Apart from that small inconvenience (imagine, having to walk over to the next building to use the euphemism), nothing was too taxing at all.

Of course, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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