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So, I got this e-mail today from the University of British Columbia. An e-mail I've been waiting for, dreading, and looking forward to for a long time. It began with the low-key, non-commital subject line "MFA decision." I opened it. Inside, it went something like this:

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I am delighted to inform you that you have been invited to the UBC Creative Writing MFA Program starting in September 2007. This year we received approximately 180 applications for the Residential program and the caliber of the writing was exceptional. Please know that your writing is held in very high regard by all faculty.

There it is: validation that maybe I can do this writing thing. I'm not going to gush or wax poetic or even try to put down the million things bouncing around my head right now. I think I can best sum everything up with a simple WOO-HOO!

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