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General grad orientation is done and the next time I go to campus, it will be for class. For credit. With marks and everything. Something I haven't done for fifteen years (The Writer's Studio didn't really have grades, so I'm not counting it). I feel old sometimes, especially seeing the younger students who'll be my classmates (and all the white in my beard, too), but then, when the feeling starts to bug me I remind myself why I'm doing all of this and I calm down and smile. I've wanted to do this degree for a very long time and I'm so completely stoked to finally have the opportunity to do it. After all, I know that if I don't do this now, I'll regret it forever. One of those deathbed realizations I really want to avoid.

Anyway, I've met some interesting people this week, and I even managed to find two who are in my program (and a couple in my age bracket). Everyone has been kind and open and as excited and nervous as I am, so I don't feel alone at all. I've even had welcoming emails from two of my profs (where was the Internet when I did my undergrad?), I've got my books, I've polished a new story that I'll be workshopping second week, and I've even checked out a book from the library. Everything looks like it's going to be fun. A lot of work for sure, but still fun. I'm really glad to be here.

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