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Jennica Harper

Last night, Jennica Harper, author of The Octopus and Other Poems, shared her poetry with the Blenz Reading Series. Never before have I heard such a masterful blending of the disparate themes of growing up, mothers, and space travel. The Voyager space craft, Roberta Bondar, and Princess Leia all made appearances. Jennica's a great reader and she gave a fantastic reading.

Our own TWSers were great, too: Gurjinder Basran and Leslie Hill read from their memoirs; Jan Redford, an unapologetic commentary on Canadian politeness; Jonina Kirton, her beautiful poetry; and Ayelet Tsabari from a story that's been shortlisted for This Magazine's Great Canadian Literary Hunt. It was an enjoyable and thought-provoking night.

Like last month, I'm also happy to thank Jonina Kirton and her partner, Garry, for lending us a microphone and allowing us to compete on a level playing field with the espresso machine and the bus traffic. 23 people came out to listen last night, and with Garry's help, they were able to hear the entire program.

So, to recap, thank you everyone--you were all terrific. November's readers were:

  • Gurjinder Basran (TWS 2006)
  • Leslie Hill (TWS 2007)
  • Jan Redford (TWS 2007)
  • Jonina Kirton (TWS 2007)
  • Ayelet Tsabari (TWS 2007)

and of course, our special guest, Jennica Harper.

Brava everyone!

Our next Blenz reading will be Friday, December 14, where we'll be returning to our regular format. Also, I'll be hosting the TWS All Alumni Reading happening at SFU Harbour Centre on Saturday, November 24, from 7-9:30. We've got 20 Writer's Studio readers signed up (at least one from each of the seven years the program's been running), and it promises to be a very exciting evening. Everyone is welcome, admission is free, and there'll even be prizes.

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