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Last night, I went to BellaLuna's producion of Futuristi at the Frederic Wood Theatre. It was wild. It was eclectic. It was absurd. It was hillarious. The play was made up twenty-three sintesi or unrelated playlets in the tradition of the Italian Futurists (an artistic movement that lasted from 1909-1939 that eschewed the past and bravely accepted the coming future, no matter what it brought).

I'll have to admit I'd never seen an absurdist play before, and I went because I know one of the actors, but I absolutely loved it. There was an intimate dance routine with a vacuum cleaner, a lover's spat played out through the audience (yeah, I said through, as in up and down the aisles, over seats and knees, and across rows), a visit from a raving time traveller (also in the audience and not on stage), a poor translator forced to make sense of an Italian speaker (which I learned later was all improv), a few sketches in untranslated Italian, as well as an hillarious routine with two wait staff trying to set up chairs and a table with ever-changing instructions. The final joke of the evening was after the fifteen-minute intermission: we all went back to our seats, the lights came up, and the play promplty ended.

Futuristi runs two more nights--tonight and tomorrow. If you've got the time, go. You'll have fun. Just don't try to make sense of it all.

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