News | 2007 | June Blenz Reading Recap: Special Guest Sasha Su-Ling Welland

A Thousand Miles of Dreams: The Journeys of Two Chinese Sisters by Sasha Su-Ling Welland

According to one audience member at June's Blenz Reading, Sasha Su-Ling Welland "was amazing." Another said "Sasha was extremely interesting and very pleasant, professional and easy to listen to besides." I must say I agree. I am so very glad we could talk Sasha into coming to Blenz. I must also say that our own TWSers were pretty good, too, reading a variety of memoir and poetry.

We had 21 people come out to listen to our five readers, who all shared their work with enthusiasm and confidence. Thank you so much to everyone for making this evening a success.

June's readers were:

  • Ayelet Tsabari (TWS 2007)
  • Tamara Gorin (TWS 2006)
  • Sue Anne Linde (TWS 2007)
  • Jenn Sommersby Young (TWS 2007)

and of course, our special guest from Seattle, Sasha Su-Ling Welland. Brava everyone!

Our next reading will be Friday, July 13, where we'll be honouring the past host of the Blenz Reading Series, Helen Sears. That night we'll be sharing memories and reading from Helen's work, which has been graciously leant to us by Helen's daughter, Camilla.

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