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I've just found a way to drastically increase the number of books I'll have read this year: Children's Literature. Last year, I read seventy books, and I was kind of impressed with myself for doing so (I don't think I read that many books in one year before, but I don't know for sure as I've only recently been keeping track of what I've been reading). I know that there are others of you out there who read way more voraciously than I do, but I was very happy with myself. As of this post, I've read fifty-five so far this year, and yes, I've been wondering if I was going to break my numbers from last year. Okay, I'll be honest, I was secretly hoping to break one hundred.

Now, my Children's Lit prof has inadvertently given me an way easy way to boost my totals: she's asked us to keep a reading journal to us as well as given us book list of children's fiction we should be familiar with. I know these books are short (many children's books are only thirty-two pages long), but I feel that they should count because a) they were assigned for school, and b) I'm hoping to learn from them.

The oddest part of this whole (rather inane) book-counting thing? I raided my son's bookshelf the other day looking for books (he owns some of the books on my reading list). The neatest thing about this whole thing? The swell of pride, the glimmer of interest, and the huge smile my son gave me when he found out he could lend me something of his.

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