News | 2007 | February Blenz Reading Recap: A Fantastic Show

Last night's Blenz Reading was absolutely terrific. We had 35 people in attendance with eight readers and one brave soul for the open mike. Not everyone on the playbill was a TWSer, but everyone read with enthusiasm and confidence and put on a fantastic show. Thank you to our readers for making this evening such a success. February's readers were:

  • Tamara Gorin (TWS 2006)
  • Alev Ersan (TWS 2007)
  • Kim Seary
  • Jane Mellor (TWS 2007)

  • Claire Robson
  • Eufemia Fantetti (TWS 2007)
  • Marni Wedin (TWS 2007)
  • Pascal Milelli (TWS 2005)

  • Neil Aitken

Brava and bravo!

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