News | 2007 | Doing Something Incredibly Stupid

I've got a problem with volunteering. A personal problem with actually doing it. I mean the actual act of volunteering, not the work part that usually comes as a consequence. I also don't mean doing worthwhile things for others for no remuneration. That's actually kind of cool. What I'm talking about is when people start looking around for someone to join in and do something, my hand somehow finds its way into the air. On its own. Without help from me. Stupid thing.

What I'm blathering on about now is the 3-Day Novel Contest. Some former classmates of mine from SFU's The Writer's Studio challenged, er, invited to me participate this year. With them. Give up the whole of Labour Day weekend to type my fingers into nubs and produce a story. My hand went up. Stupid thing.

Okay, here's where the incredibly stupid part comes in: I've volunteered to write a book in three days. But that's not it; that's only stupid. The incredibly part comes from the fact that I recently came across Book Television's submission call to write the 3-Day Novel Contest on national television from a bookstore in Edmonton. They want to broadcast it as a reality series again (they did this last year, too). My hand is going up and I'm thinking of applying. Stupid thing. Me, not the hand.

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