News | 2007 | December Blenz Reading Recap: Wrapping Up the Year

Last night's Blenz Reading, the last for 2007, was a warm and intimate evening. We had an audience of 23 come out for our six scheduled readers and our two open mike volunteers. To all of our readers, thank you so much for sharing your work with us and ending the 2007 Blenz season with such a good reading. It was a perfect wrap up for the year.

Brava and bravo!

December's readers were:

  • Christopher Giesel (TWS 2006)
  • Melissa Sawatsky (TWS 2006)
  • Sarah Turner (TWS 2006)

  • Clarissa Green (TWS 2007)
  • Jane Mellor (TWS 2007)
  • Fiona Scott (TWS 2007)

  • Wade Wilson
  • John Goossen (TWS 2006)

Our next reading, the first of 2008, will be Friday, January 11, where we'll be hearing from Montreal poet Oana Avasilichioaei. If you'd like to join Oana on the playbill, email me--we've got only three spots left.

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