News | 2007 | April Blenz Reading Recap: Another Success

April's Blenz Reading was another success. We had 28 people in attendance with eight readers and two more for the open mike (not a bad showing at all, considering the Canucks were hosting a homestand playoff game at the same time). To all of our readers, thank you so much for making this evening so entertaining. April's readers were:

  • Eufemia Fantetti (TWS 2007)
  • Eilis Carpentier (TWS 2006)
  • Jonina Kirton (TWS 2007)
  • Angela Ford (TWS 2006)

  • Kim Seary
  • Ingrid Rose (TWS 2001)
  • John Mavin (TWS 2006)
  • Wade Wilson

  • Bruce Chandler
  • Pat Buckna (TWS 2002)

Brava and bravo!

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