News | 2006 | Three Tips for When Your Story is Being Discussed

Fiction Workshop Companion by Jon Volkmer

Also from Jon Volkmer's Fiction Workshop Companion, his most important advice for writers whose work is being workshopped:





  1. Get out of your defensive crouch.
    Always remember, a workshopped story is a work in progress. It is not a finished product. You're there to improve the piece.

  2. Expect conflicting interrpretations and advice.
    Not everyone will agree. Fine. Accept that and listen to what everyone has to say, whether you agree or not.

  3. Try not to maintain an over-zealous loyalty to your original vision of what the story is about.
    You often reveal your true theme unintentionally. Go with the flow. Better stuff might be coming.

And the most important thing Volkmer recommends after a workshop? What do you say to all of the readers who commented on your work--including the insightful and the inane?
Thank you.

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