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Ladykiller by Charlotte Gill

Last month, I sat in on The Art of the Short Review workshop put on by Patty Osborne and Geist Magazine at the Listel Hotel in Vancouver. Geist has published several of the reviews written in that workshop, and mine, called "Roads to Reason" on Charlotte Gill's debut short story collection Ladykiller, appeared on the Geist website. Here's my review:


Ladykiller (Thomas Allen Publishers), the debut collection of seven stories by Vancouverite Charlotte Gill, speeds you along with beautifully dangerous characters careening down the road to self-inflicted disaster. A couple trapped in a wrecked truck waiting for rescue with a load of marijuana; a man abandoning his dying mother in a department store to chase a skirt; a past-his-prime scuba instructor letting himself fall for his sixteen year old student. Lyrical and witty, Gill's fast-paced tales of horrifying dysfunction end with you skidding to a rest sideways saying, "Wow, what a ride!"

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